Can I put my pottery in the Dishwasher?

Stanley Chester & Albert’s pottery is completely dishwasher safe.


Can I put my pottery in the microwave?

Stanley Chester & Albert’s pottery is high fire stoneware, which means it’s completely fine to go in the microwave.


How did you get that image on my mug?

It’s a decal! We use a fairly low tech and inexpensive process using Waterslide Decal Paper (basically a card stock paper with a thin layer of plastic laminated onto it) and a specific model of HP printer that has toner with red iron oxide in it. This is why all of our decals are a reddish-brown color.


Will the decal on my pottery eventually wear off?

Stanley Chester & Albert’s pottery is fired three times - once at 1860 degrees for the bisque firing (Cone 06), once at 2232 degrees for the glaze firing (Cone 6) and then more time at 1860 degrees again for the decal firing. That means that unlike that cheap silkscreened mug you bought at Wal-Mart, the decal is fired high enough that it actually becomes part of the glaze it’s on. It will last for years.


Who designs your decals?

Our decals are designed entirely in house by Bethany. With a love of typography and mid century design, she scours the internet for interesting typefaces that help convey whatever snark or sentiment she’s aiming for. The images used on our pottery are often from vintage sources and are always in the public domain.


Can I put these pots outside over the winter?

Absolutely! The clay we use is fired high enough that it reaches vitrification - which means the clay is mature and extremely moisture tight. This allows the ceramic to withstand the freeze thaw cycle that might eventually destroy lower fired ceramics.


Where do you get your ideas for your designs?

We love pop culture and the internet and spend entirely too much time on TikTok. 


Can you do a custom design for me?

Totally! Our process allows for pretty easy customization. Additional set up charges may apply to your item if design work or touch up in Photoshop is needed. Please send us a message with your ideas!


Can you make break proof pottery?

Still working on it, keep checking this space.